One may feel dissatisfied with only 10 members on stage. However, please remember that Super Junior will forever be one. - Eunhyuk |

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Anonymous asked:
weird little girl, you have turned into a mysterious creature, please don't hide for too long, come and rant from time to time so we know how you are doing, lots of love~

I don’t know if I’ll come here ever again in the future. I’ve been busy with my outernet life and it’s been quite hard to handle everything. I miss coming here and spazzing or ranting. But there is my personal tumblr I use a lot more than this. So, if anyone wants to keep in contact with me, please. Check this tumblr. Just tell me who you are (so that I can recognize you) and we can talk there more frequently. Ok? ;-; I’m so sorry I disappeared for so long. I keep coming from time to time, but I know it isn’t enough. :// hfaksdfhsdf Ok.